SQ MSM-API 01: bulk-load

“SQMSMAPI01: bulk-load”

A description of the bulk-load API command



Applies to: MAIL File
Description: Performs a multi-stage initialization of the optical library. The bulk-load command will first probe the optical library to determine the occupied/vacant status of each shelf, then each new import will be identified, reading the volume label and disc information.
Time to Complete: The bulk-load operation may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to complete, depending on the number of discs to be identified.
Restrictions: The MAIL slot and shelves of the library will become busy while the bulk-load operation is ongoing.
When to use: The bulk-load command should be used when there are multiple ‘NewImport’ pieces of media, such as after the archive has been initialized or media has been manually added to the library.
Feedback: Both the mail slot and the media files will become busy (#) during the bulk-load process. Bulk-load is complete when no items are marked as busy.

SQ MSM-API28: mount

“SQMSMAPI28: mount”

Shares a piece of media on the network in _msm-shares



Applies to: MEDIA (Not Mounted)
Description: Shares a piece of media on the network. When the mount command is issued, the file system on the media will be launched and a folder will be placed in the msm-shares directory. This folder is given the same name as the volume label of the piece of media.
Time to Complete: Between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on the file system.
Restrictions: 1) Two pieces of media with the same volume label cannot be mounted simultaneously. 

2) Only discs with the <READONLY>no</READONLY> flag can be written to.

When to use: When a disc is to be shared on the network for read and/or write access.
Feedback: The disc may become busy (#) during the mount process. Any errors will be reported in the mail slot XML file. Volume name will be preceded by @ when complete.