StorageQuest Sets Aggressive New Pricing Strategy for its MSM 150 Network Appliance for Optical Storage Management

StorageQuest Sets Aggressive New Pricing Strategy for its MSM 150 Network Appliance for Optical Storage Management

Manufactures & Resellers View New Pricing a Significant Business Enabler

Ottawa, Canada – October 20, 2005 StorageQuest Inc. today announced an aggressive new price and business strategy for its MSM 150 optical storage management appliance. This dramatic new pricing and feature rich appliance model will establish a very cost effective solution for any archiving business application.

“Our new price and product packaging is in direct response to market demand: more features, better performance at a lower cost and make it simple. We have significantly lowered the cost to network enable any optical library as a network attached storage resource while vastly improving its data transfer performance through our new appliance model said Fred Bedard, StorageQuest’s Vice President of Sale & Marketing. We’ve thrown out the traditional industry pricing model whereby costs are based on many variables such as: the number of drives, media type and slot count as well and many other options which just added up to an expensive and complex solution. We’ve established a new fixed price model whereby we do not charge for a specific type of optical technology (DVD, MO, or UDO) the number of slots or storage capacity of the optical library. We have simplified our product line into just a few product models. Each includes: unlimited optical drives, media type and library capacity integrated RAID-1 cache, Gig-E, SCSI and FireWire interfaces together with a full one-year warranty at a price point that starts under $5000.00 for a complete plug-n-play solution. Our new model dramatically drives down the cost and complexity issues surrounding the utilization of optical storage for archival applications. This change was needed within the optical storage industry for it to capitalize on the vast number of archival opportunities which continue to present themselves ranging from: medical, financial to email for compliance requirements.”

“We’re excited about StorageQuest’s new price strategy we expect this move to be a huge boost for our resellers by enabling them to more economically deploy network based optical archiving solutions for their customers, said Marty Sos Plasmon’s’ Vice President of Sales.”

“The MSM 150 family combines the latest hardware and software technologies in an easy to use appliance package targeted to do one thing: “make compliant archival storage solutions network attached and open using proven industry standards, and it does it extremely well” said Paul Greene, Founder of Data Archive Corp. and 10 year optical storage solution provider based in Massapequa Park, NY. This new pricing and packaging of the MSM 150 makes a great technology solution now a great business solution. I can now very effectively lower the cost of entry for many customers as well as improve my margins so it’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.”

Pricing and Availability:

The StorageQuest MSM 150 is currently shipping and available from authorized StorageQuest resellers worldwide with pricing starting under $5,000.00 USD for a complete network attached storage management solution for any optical library. Appliance includes; 250GB or 400 GB RAID level 1 cache, Gig-E, SCSI and FireWire interfaces and a full one year warranty.

About StorageQuest

Since its inception in 1998, StorageQuest has pioneered technology, product, and open solutions that continue to drive the evolution of Net-attached optical storage. StorageQuest storage solutions include: Network attached appliances, storage management software, and services that provide seamless storage management for open network environments. StorageQuest, Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,

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