StorageQuest Inc. MSM Migrates Critical Data from Proprietary MO/UDO to Industry Standard Blu-Ray Media

StorageQuest MSM Migrates Critical Data from Proprietary MO/UDO to Industry Standard Blu-Ray Media.

OTTAWA, Canada – November 24, 2008    StorageQuest, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a new powerful feature to its popular MSM product that allows Plasmon customers to easily convert their large MO and UDO optical libraries to industry standard Blu-Ray media.

A message from the President and CEO for StorageQuest Inc, Marwan Zayed: “The latest news from Plasmon is sending shockwaves among the large users community who already standardized on MO and UDO technology. We at StorageQuest are strong believers in optical technology as a very sound medium for long term archiving and compliancy. For this reason we are offering the user community and all resellers and system integrators a very economical and attractive migration path to convert to the newly and widely accepted Blu-Ray technology”

This new feature will allow customers to connect the MSM product to their existing Plasmon MO or UDO optical library as well as a new Blu-Ray optical library. Once the libraries are configured the customer can select the migration feature to automatically copy all their existing data over to the Blu-Ray format. They can select between disc-to-disc copy, many MO/UDO discs to one Blu-Ray disc, or they can have the MSM copy all the existing MO/UDO discs to one large volume.

After the migration is complete, the customer can then remove the MO/UDO library from the MSM and make use of the fully featured MSM product. The MSM product will give customers full network level access to all previously written data and allow users to move forward writing all new data to the MSM volumes. All discs written with the MSM are written using industry standard UDF so the media will be safe and readable in any computer for years to come.

“We are pleased to see StorageQuest respond quickly to the needs of Plasmon users worldwide.”, said Horst Schellong, President, DISC USA. “This simple approach to migrating from proprietary medium formats to industry standard Blu-Ray will restore the faith in optical library customers and give them a secure way of accessing their critical data for years to come.”

Brendan Lelieveld-Amiro, head of development for StorageQuest notes “Customers can now easily make the transition to Blu-Ray technology and take advantage of current capacity and superior road-map.”

“We at StorageQuest are strong believers of Optical Technology as a very sound medium for long term archiving, compliancy with all accepted regulatory i.e. Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA and DICOM. For all these reasons StorageQuest is offering the user community in general and all resellers and systems integrators in specific a very economical and attractive migration path to convert all UDO, MO and DVD based storage systems to the newly and widely accepted Blu-Ray technology. In our view the product roadmap of Blu-Ray is gaining momentum every day and by moving to the consumer market is expanding very rapidly as the media of the future. StorageQuest approach insures that all converted media are portable including discs created with the grouping/spanning feature. StorageQuest offers offline media tracking standard and optional remote replication for disaster recovery ” said President and CEO, Marwan Zayed.

This feature will be available December 12th, 2008. The MSM appliance is available now and can be purchased by any authorized StorageQuest reseller.


Advantage to Blu-Ray & StorageQuest

  • Blu-Ray is standard medium and is available through all computer retailers.
  • Current capacity is 50GB per medium. 100GB in 2009 and 200GB+ on the roadmap.
  • Cost less than $1 per GB; Backwards compatible with CD and DVD.
  • Multiple manufactures producing and supporting Blu-Ray.
  • StorageQuest writes all discs using industry standard UDF. Discs created with the MSM are readable in all PC’s and Laptops.

About StorageQuest MSM

The StorageQuest MSM is a self-contained appliance which interfaces directly to any Blu-Ray Optical Library and a standard Gig-E network port and includes a complete management software suite which provides a Plug-N-Play setup and configuration Wizard as well as advanced configuration and management tools via an intuitive Graphical User Interface. Visit for more information.

About StorageQuest

Since its inception in 1998, StorageQuest has pioneered software technology, product and open solutions that continue to drive the evolution of optical storage. StorageQuest storage solutions include network attached appliances, storage management software backup/archive applications and services providing seamless storage management for open network environments.  StorageQuest, Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. or [email protected]

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