StorageQuest Inc. announces launch of Centurion DiscHub Manager product

StorageQuest announces launch of Centurion DiscHub Manager product

OTTAWA, Canada – May 5, 2009    StorageQuest, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a new product called the StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager. This new software product provides powerful optical volume management features to the Centurion DiscHub by DSS, Digistore Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd. This new software product will be bundled with the Centurion DiscHub to create the Centurion DiscHub Workgroup.

A message from the President and CEO for StorageQuest Inc, Marwan Zayed: “The combination of the Centurion DiscHub with the StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager will create an fully loaded 100 slot capacity near-line DVD optical library solution in the neighborhood of $3,000 USD. A comparable solution typically costs many times more for similar features and specifications. We anticipate a great deal demand for this new bundle. The bundle can be utilized by virtually anyone from home user to large businesses”

This new product provides a very easy to use interface for administering the Centurion DiscHub hardware and optical volumes. The volumes created within the software will show up under the virtual drive under My Computer. Writing and reading data is as simple as dragging and dropping to subfolders within the drive letter. Since all discs are written using industry standard UDF Filesystem your media will be safe and readable in any computer for years to come.

“We are pleased to partner with StorageQuest Inc.”, said Victor Foo, CEO, Digistore Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd. “StorageQuest has helped us to created a turn-key easy to use and powerful optical storage bundle. With the 5TB Blu-Ray version of the Centurion DiscHub unit just around the corner we are very confident we will have a winning solution”

Brendan Lelieveld-Amiro, Director Product Development for StorageQuest notes “This is a very easy but powerful optical library management product. The virtual drive created by our software looks and acts just like a traditional hard drive so most third party applications can read and write to our system without even knowing that files and folders are being written out to permanent optical media. Our sophisticated write cache allows many applications and users to read and write in parallel to the system. A feature typically found only in expensive high-end enterprise applications”

The offline media tracking feature is also incredibly easy to use. Each disc exported from the Centurion DiscHub is tracked by the software. The complete file and folder structure is fully browseable within the drive letter. If a user attempts to access the contents of a file the administrator will be notified.

“We at StorageQuest are strong believers of Optical Technology as a very sound medium for long term archiving, compliancy with all accepted regulatory i.e. Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA and DICOM. In our view the product roadmap of 120 mm optical medium is gaining momentum every day in the professional and enterprise area. StorageQuest approach insures that all media is portable.. StorageQuest offers unlimited offline media tracking as a standard feature.” said President and CEO, Marwan Zayed.

Centurion DiscHub Workgroup will be available through Digistore Solutions from May 8th, 2009

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