StorageQuest Demonstrates the First Network Archival Solution Unifying Optical Storage

StorageQuest Demonstrates the First Network Archival Solution Unifying Optical Storage

Philadelphia, PA – May 17, 2005 – StorageQuest Inc. today demonstrated the first network attached archival storage solution which unifies optical storage from various manufactures and technologies at the AIIM on Demand Conference & Exposition in Philadelphia.

StorageQuest along with HP, Plasmon and Sony demonstrated through the StorageQuest MSM 150 network storage appliance, that any optical storage technology from any manufacture can be easily integrated together through a standard network connection to provide a compliant archival storage solution.

“This is the first time anyone has configured different optical storage products from different manufactures directly out-of-the box with Plug-n-Play ease through a standard Gig-E network connection managed through a common web based interface” said Fred Bedard, StorageQuest’s Vice President of Sale & Marketing. “The MSM 150 will help customers lower archival storage costs through consolidation and improved centralized management of archival storage resources. The MSM 150 is an appliance based solution that utilizes network attached storage (NAS) connectivity architecture to seamlessly integrate ANY optical storage library into existing infrastructures and provides global management of its storage resources through a web based management application suite.”

“The significance of this demonstration clearly illustrates just how easy it is to deploy optical storage in today’s IT infrastructure” said Scot Lamb, Founder of CUC, a 20 year storage solution company based in Corona, CA. “The StorageQuest MSM 150 appliance has networked three optical libraries; HP supporting UDO technology, Plasmon supporting DVD-R technology and Sony supporting PDD Blue-Laser technology, all managed through a common web interface. The MSM 150 appliance is targeted to do one thing; to make compliant archival storage solutions network attached and open using proven industry standards – and it does it extremely well. Mid-sized enterprises tend to be underserved, and we expect these solutions to be well received because they address the archival storage problems faced by businesses of all sizes”.

About StorageQuest

Since its inception in 1998, StorageQuest has pioneered technology, product, and open solutions that continue to drive the evolution of Net-attached optical storage. StorageQuest storage solutions include: network attached appliances, storage management software and services, providing seamless storage management for open network environments. StorageQuest, Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, ON Canada;