“Full fledged, flexible, powerful and automated.  Storage Library Management Simplified”


The StorageQuest Archive Manager (SAM) is a comprehensive software tool for managing archival data.  SAM will not only manage Jukeboxes and Publishers but with it’s remote replication feature offer replication to other locations such as Cloud or an offsite jukebox. It also is a comprehensive tool for tracking all of your online, near-line and offline data.  SAM provides management tools and drive letter access to Tape, Optical and RDX Libraries.  The SAM in combination with a storage Library provides a very reliable and economical compliant and secure archive of your network data.


>Automatic Folder Spanning

“Files and folders are routed in real-time to media that are assigned to the volume.  Completely transparent to the user and application.”

The StorageQuest Archive Manager allows administrators to create volumes representing one or many optical discs.  Files and folders copied into this volume are automatically flushed out to Optical Media in the background and spanned across as many discs as necessary.  This is fully transparent to the client and application. The volume shows a concatenated view of all disc file structure. The SAM service routes all read and write requests to the corresponding media.    This gives the illusion that the client application is accessing a very large (multi-terabyte) storage device.


>Drive Letter Access

The StorageQuest Archive Manager creates a virtual drive letter for each library connected to the user.  Virtual drive letters allow clients to ‘drag and drop’ important files and folders from local hard drive or network to the optical library.  Applications can also access this drive letter as it appears to be a regular hard drive.  Files and Folders are accessible immediately and flushed out to thel media in the background.

Drive Letter access allows for third-party application to read and write to media without any special modifications or plug-ins.



>System Tray Notifier for SAM

When the SAM service requires user intervention for events such as media to be added, or offline media to be re-inserted, it will provide friendly mail style balloon message to the client/administrator locally or as a standalone application across the network.


>Advanced Unified Search Facility

The StorageQuest Archive Manager has a unified online/nearline/offline tracking feature.   All files and folders (whether offline or online) are displayed in the corresponding volume directory under the virtual drive.   A powerful search dialogue helps customers find files and provides them with all the necessary meta data.



>Advanced Read and Write Cache

All files and folders written to the virtual drive get put into a special write cache folder.  The StorageQuest Archive manager then flushes the files out to the media based on an advanced priority algorithm.   Once the data has been written to the media it is then moved in parallel to the read cache.   Older read cache files are replaced newer files once the configured cache capacity has been reached.   The cache allows for multiple clients to access the data in parallel without the need for a large number of optical drives.   Data read back from the media is segmented into chunks to allow for instant streaming of linear file types (video/audio).

>Data Replicaiton

Volumes can be configured to automatically replicate all file/folder data to one or multiple alternate locations for disaster recovery reasons.

>Advanced Configurations and Volume Properties

The SAM settings can be modified for specific requirements.  Read and write caches can be directed to local or remote RAID devices for increased performance. Virtual Drive Capacity can be dynamic based on volume capacities or set to a fixed size. Files with a specific file name can be withheld from flushing to optical media (*.tmp, thumbs.db, etc..).

Volume properties allows for change to be made to the selected volume.  This includes properties such as Auto Grow volume, disallow file modifications, disallow file creation and disallow file deletes.






>Script based API

The script based API allows for advanced network administrators to automate tasks even further.

>Support for storage libraries

The StorageQuest Archive Manager works with the following technologies:

* IBM Tape Libraries – TS3100 & TS3200

* DISC Optical Libraries

* HIT Optical Libraries

* Imation RDX

* Standalone Optical drives either a singular device or a group of them

Live Web Demonstration

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Certified Third-Party Applications

The StorageQuest Archive Manager creates a virtual drive letter that behaves very similar to a traditional hard drive.  Almost any application can use the virtual drive letter (x: by default) for reading and writing.  The following is a list of third-party applications that have been certified.

  1. Milestone Systems – Corporate


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