StorageQuest Announces Support for Plasmon Compliant Media

StorageQuest Announces Support for Plasmon Compliant Media


Ottawa, CANADA – September 20, 2005 – StorageQuest Inc. today announced its MSM 150 optical storage management appliance now has full support for the Plasmon Compliant Write-Once UDO Media.

“This is a very unique product capability which will provide users an important new option for archival storage applications. StorageQuest’s implementation enables storage administrators to format Plasmon’s Compliant Write-Once UDO Media with the UDF (Universal Disk Format) file system. Files can be written and read from any client on the network just like any other media type through the MSM 150. The storage administrator can permanently destroy files by issuing the new ‘shred’ command. This command will read the entire volume, and shred all sectors that are not used by the UDF file system, thus removing the raw data associated with the files that have been deleted. This leaves the actual UDF File system intact and the rest of the volume can still be used for reads and writes, but the destroyed files can in no way be recovered” said Fred Bedard, StorageQuest’s Vice President of Sale & Marketing.” The Compliant Write-Once UDO media is designed for archive applications subject to regulatory compliance and for ILM environments that have very specific data retention and disposition requirements.”

“We are pleased to have StorageQuest add support for the UDO Compliant Write Once Media” said Dave DuPont, SVP Sales and Marketing for Plasmon. “Many customers will benefit from the unique new features the media offers, namely the authenticity and longevity of True Write Once UDO, with selectable, auditable and absolutely sure one-time data shredding. No other storage technology can beat this combination.”

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UDO Professional Archival Storage Media

UDO features blue laser technology to achieve far greater data densities, resulting in dramatically higher media capacities. First generation UDO media has a capacity of 30GB, with a roadmap extending to 60GB and 120GB in future generations. UDO media is available in Write Once (True Write Once and Compliant Write Once) and Rewritable media formats. Each of the three media types has its own physical and operational properties making it well suited for different service levels within an overall archive strategy. Since UDO drives and Plasmon optical libraries support all media types, organizations can match the media format with the specific demands of each document class.

Compliant Write Once media combines longevity and secure authenticity of True Write Once UDO media with the ability to shred expired records for document classes that demand physical disposal. Designed specifically to assist organizations in meeting regulations on data retention and disposition while managing corporate risk, Compliant Write Once media can be used in a wide range of financial, administration and legal applications.

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