SQ MSM-API28: mount

“SQMSMAPI28: mount”

Shares a piece of media on the network in _msm-shares



Applies to: MEDIA (Not Mounted)
Description: Shares a piece of media on the network. When the mount command is issued, the file system on the media will be launched and a folder will be placed in the msm-shares directory. This folder is given the same name as the volume label of the piece of media.
Time to Complete: Between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on the file system.
Restrictions: 1) Two pieces of media with the same volume label cannot be mounted simultaneously. 

2) Only discs with the <READONLY>no</READONLY> flag can be written to.

When to use: When a disc is to be shared on the network for read and/or write access.
Feedback: The disc may become busy (#) during the mount process. Any errors will be reported in the mail slot XML file. Volume name will be preceded by @ when complete.