Rook Archive for Milestone XProtect Management Client

Smarter ways to configure an archiving ruleset.

  • Example export destinations:
    • Hard Disk
    • NAS
    • Cloud
    • Blu-Ray(permanent)
    • Tape

Rook Archive is a completely re-envisioned Milestone XProtect Archiving solution for camera data for Milestone XProtect. Bookmarks, Evidence Lock, or all video sequences. Mass duplication and redundancy has never been easier. Great for system-level evidence management too.

With highly configurable 'jobs', Rook XProtect plug-in can dynamically sculpt out archiving profiles for single cameras, or whole camera groups. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect for duplication of an entire Recording Server data
  • Archived data is fully portable
  • Playing back data is simple and easy
  • Job based - runs on a task scheduler
  • Able to export to:
    • Single or Multiple Cameras
    • Bookmarks
    • Evidence Lock
    • Specified Periods of Time
  • Export types:
    • AVI, MKV
    • Milestone's Native Format including the Smart Client Player
    • Still Images(JPG)


Features & Supported Editions

Edition Camera Sequences Bookmarks Evidence Lock

Also supported: Milestone Husky™ M30 & Milestone Husky™ M50


See it in action

Setting up a new archive job in Milestone XProtect Corporate


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