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Automated and effective. StorageQuest Video Surveillance Exporter (VSE) is an automated Microsoft Windows application for retrieving surveillance footage from popular video surveillance suites like Milestone XProtect(Multiple editions). The VSE application focuses on  features for complying with the outlined data archiving policy for your government agency, and also ensuring future access and usability of the archived data.
Choosing the right format type of the retrieved data is integral to ensuring that the data is future-proof and accessible regardless of the future environment. This is why we have chosen to support proprietary and the standard formats.


When companioned with a high output archiving device like the SAMServer, configuring the export schedule of your important data has never been easier while still maintaining policy compliance.

VSE extends upon the base feature set that may not be available in some video surveillance suites so that true compliant archiving is readily available yet without interfering with the central video content. We work seamlessly in the background.

Because we understand our customers so well, we understand the importance of the metadata(bookmarks ) associated with events in video surveillance suites. With VSE you can view your bookmark metadata and quickly discover the exported data file that is associated with that particular event.


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