The Appliance Model

Optical Data Storage – The Appliance Model

Simplicity Rules – The Right Model for the Times

What is an optical data storage appliance? It’s simply a combination of hardware, software, networking technologies and storage in a single box designed for a specific purpose, in the case of the MSM it’s to simply and easily integrate optical storage as an open archive solution. An appliance simply plugs into the network to perform a specific task, replacing what came before: a software implementation – including all the time, MSM 160 effort, and pain that process involve. And that latter point is what’s making appliances an attractive option, to say the least, in today’s do-more-with-less IT mentality. With software costs dropping and labor costs rising the cost of the MSM appliance as an off-the-shelf archive solutions look more than reasonable to an increasing number of firms – especially if they calculate what their real total costs were for doing the same thing previously.

Companies today demand the following requirements be met when considering new optical data storage based solutions:

  • Open system design
  • OS independent
  • Network attachment
  • Global web-based management
  • Plug-n-Play integration
  • Industry standard file format (non-propriety)
  • Low cost administration personnel
  • Multi-vendor, multi-technology storage support
  • Field upgradeable

StorageQuest’s growing lines of Net-attached Storage Management Appliances meet all of these requirements and will have you configuring archive solutions with automated optical technology quickly and easily. Only requiring network, optical library and power connections, it’s a completely integrated hardware/ software/ services solution in a 6-pound package. StorageQuest’s Multi-services Storage Management (MSM) appliance brings standard network attachment of optical libraries, multi-platform support (OS independent) and industry standard file format (UDF) all managed through a web-based interface. The MSM is a compact self-contained appliance which installs easily through a web-based installation Wizard and is ready to store data in minutes.

A key advantage for StorageQuest’s customers is ease of use as our products are intelligent and provide the administrator with intuitive GUIs that don’t require a steep learning curve. The fact that this is all wrapped around a single-task appliance only elevates its security/performance characteristics to new levels. StorageQuest’s products Screenshot of administration tools do not require high-salary people with several certifications under their belts to properly administer them. They can be set up in a matter of minutes right out of the box and include a quick-start guide with simple instructions. The GUI is flexible, forgiving, and provides for excellent management capabilities. The MSM comes with an electronic manual, and we can also provide all necessary assistance via a live technical representative, who goes through setup with the customer in a real-time, online session.

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