StorageQuest ShadowCopy Utility v1.0

This free utility program from StorageQuest will help you to create the most complete backups and archives of all your data. Gone are the days where you have to stop critical network services in order to copy important files to backup. Users leaving files open at the end of the day won’t cause your backups to fail

This program utilizes StorageQuest’s Shadow Copy Technology, developed for use in our REFLECTOR line of Backup and Archiving Software.

ShadowCopy Screenshot

Download your free copy here! You will need to login to your StorageQuest account; if you don’t have one, you will have an opportunity to create one free with our ultra-painless account creation form.


  • Copy files which have been locked by other applications
  • Backup your important databases without shutting down important network services
  • Perfect for integration and automation, with a simple command-line interface that requires absolutely zero user interaction
  • Easy-to-Use drag and drop interface for convienient desktop use

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