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StorageQuest Reflector® software is the premier data archiving system for moving data to DVD and Blu-ray disc. Reflector helps you target the data you want to archive, organizes and indexes the content, and migrates it to permanent storage at speeds up to 30 GB per hour. You can record your discs and print unique labels, with robotic disc publishers powered by Primera.

Retrieve Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Reflector uses the industry-standard UDF file system, supported by nearly all computers and operating systems. The files you store are organized and indexed so that you can retrieve your data from any computer, just by putting the disc in your DVD drive and copying over the files. You don’t need any special software to retrieve your data.

Reflector Automates the Burning Process

Reflector will automatically span your data across as many discs as you need, so whether you are writing a single disc, or spanning 500 GB over 10 Blu-ray discs, Reflector makes the process painless. The Backup Wizard allows you to schedule recurring jobs. Our scripting engine allows for you to make customizable jobs and integrate with other backup programs, and our Job Folder Archiver lets you drag-and-drop folders over the network to create instant backups.

Move Stale Data off your Servers

Documents and old project files from years ago do not belong on high-performance servers if the files are not likely to be used again. Reflector first helps you target the files you want to migrate. Then it records, labels, and indexes your content, quickly and accurately. With your old data files permanently stored on optical discs, your high-performance servers will be free to handle your most active data.


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