Reflector Features

Innovative Product Features

Backup and Archiving

  • Full and incremental backup modes allow you to backup all files or only recently modified files.
  • Automatic file splitting ensures files larger than a disc can be recorded and restored.
  • Open file backup allows the recording of in-use files like databases and email inboxes.
  • File filtering options help you target the files you want.
  • Windows registry backup for full workstation backup capabilities.
  • Server-to-server file migration mode allows you to copy or move data from one server to another.
  • HTML index file placed on every disc contains an index of your disc set— allowing you to find and use your files quickly.
  • A wide range of supported media types allow you to scale from a 650 MB CD-R to a 50 GB Blu-ray Disc as your needs change.
  • Network support – pull data from any server on your network.
  • Long term preservation of records is easily achieved with archival-grade media, allowing your data to survive for decades.
  • Automatic disc spanning – Reflector will automatically span your data over as many discs as are needed.
  • Industry-standard discs written with the UDF file system ensure your data will be in a readable format far into the future.
  • Data verification allows you to re-certify the files on your discs at any time against the original contents.

Restore Your Data Anywhere!

  • Network Restore allows your data to be restored over the network, back to its original location.
  • Full Mac and Linux support ensures your files can be accessed in the DVD drive of virtually all computers and operating systems.
  • No client software is needed to restore your data. Your data is instantly accessible on the disc.
  • History Search – Reflector maintains records of all files and folders that were recorded, and provides a search engine for locating archived files.

Fully Automated Solution

  • Scripting Engine allows backup and archiving scripts to access all the features of Reflector.
  • Scheduled Backup capabilities allow jobs to be run on a regular schedule without user intervention.
  • Job Folder Archiver allows you to use Reflector in a fully-automated “Hot Folder” mode, where jobs are triggered by copying files into a special folder.

Label Printing

  • Full color labels can be printed automatically on your discs with inkjet or thermal transfer. Add your own images and text.
  • Dynamic label content can be added to your discs, printing identifying information on each disc.