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REFLECTOR – Network Backup and Archive Manager

REFLECTOR Network Backup and Archive Manager


Reflector Solutions: What you can do with Reflector?

REFLECTOR™ is a unique solution in Windows™ data protection software, offering comprehensive, cost-effective, and compliant network based backup and archiving. For small businesses, archiving and backup should be open, fast, easy, and inexpensive. The REFLECTOR software combined with the Rimage DVD publishing system serves as a complete, powerful and cost-effective solution for archiving and backup, with all the benefits of networked storage including simplified management, automation, and data protection.

REFLECTOR uniquely provides businesses a cost-effective alternative to conventional magnetic tape. When you consider the pervasiveness of DVD & CD technology, it’s easy to see why a solution like REFLECTOR makes sense: archiving to optical media brings with it lower cost, proven reliability and portability to any operating system, without requiring unique hardware or software, greatly improving the ROI for an archival solution. Combined with the added benefit of True Write-Once (WORM) media, your data will meet compliance regulations for unalterable data storage as a standard feature of this solution.

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All Rimage Hardware Supported

By combining StorageQuest’s proven CD & DVD storage management software with Rimage’s industry leading duplication, hardware businesses essentially get multiple solutions for the price of one!


Product Features

  • Supports Rimage™ Product Line*
  • Complete Backup & Archive Solution
  • Network Enabled
  • CD & DVD Support
  • Full & Incremental Backup Wizard
  • Automatic File Spanning & Recovery
  • Supports True WORM Optical Media
  • Media Tracking Database
  • File Optimizer
  • Auto-discovery of Rimage Hardware

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Screen Shots

Screen shots of the REFLECTOR Interface

REFLECTOR screen shot


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