Replication Manager

Replication Manager

Network based data replication meets Compliancy and Disaster Recovery needs.

The StorageQuest Replication ManagerTM is a revolutionary new product from StorageQuest, the leader in Optical Storage over IP networks. StorageQuest’s MSM Appliance with Replication ManagerTM delivers an unprecedented level of information safety, simplicity and low cost of ownership.

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By utilizing existing IP networks, StorageQuest appliances enable a complete remote copy of critical data to be maintained off-site at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Patent and patent pending technology from StorageQuest is optimized to perform well on low-bandwidth network segments, which together with the operational simplicity of an appliance, enables smaller enterprises and branch office locations to implement business continuity plans

Ensuring business critical data is always available is an essential IT practice. Any data source can now have the best possible backup/replication capability. With StorageQuest’s Replication ManagerTM (RM), all your business data is replicated in real time, and 24 hours a day to secure optical storage technology. Just as important, you can create new hot sites anywhere you want AFTER the disaster took place, and have the latest data instantly ready to use. Use Replication ManagerTM for Disaster Recovery or as your standard Backup tool. It is both the simplest to use and most cost-effective. Any number of files, any size files.

StorageQuest has taken first steps toward offering users an integrated backup/replication solution for Optical Libraries through it Replication ManagerTM (RM). StorageQuest sees replication as an extension of backup in the past, customers were only interested in protecting their primary data centers, but now they’re seeing that remote office data is important, too as well as the concurrent replication (copying) of the primary data center archived data to a remote site.

Any critical data of any kind, located anywhere in the world, can be projected and replicated in real time. Your data can simultaneously exist in any number of locations and at any central or remote locations you choose. Cross firewall, using any speed network connections.

RM topology ensures that the mirrored data is backed up and stored in the exact structure as the original. So hot-backup to bring data back on line after a problem occurs happens instantly by either by working directly off the back up location, or simply restoring the data at the original location. Its real-time replication whenever a file changes keeps production data up-to-date on all the backup systems.

Users would replicate data from either their primary site to their remote locations over IP or from their remote sites to the primary data center (in real time) and then use traditional backup software to back up the data once it arrives at the primary data center.

This compares to traditional backup methods, which can be costly and more difficult to manage because of the number of sites that must be individually managed and maintained.

Replication Manager is agent-less only one copy of the software needs to be installed on each participating remote site MSM’s and on the primary data center MSM.

Installing Replication Manager is easy and caused no bandwidth/performance-related issues, a common concern when moving data over IP. Since Replication Manager is an option to the standard suite of management functionality of the MSM it can be installed at anytime as a quick and simple software update to the MSM appliance.

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