Multi-Services Storage Manager

MSM Features


As a fully integrated solution, the MSM replaces library management software and the additional servers that until now have been required to operate and manage an optical library. At a fraction of the cost of acquiring library management software and servers the MSM drastically cuts the cost of optical storage management. It also enables the utilization of an optical library across many applications throughout the network. Multiple applications can access and share the benefits of secure optical storage

Industry Standards

Through inventive application of Open Systems Standards, MSM offers users the freedom to choose “best of breed” solutions for library, media, operating system, and application. With industry standards users get the best possible price performance, while avoiding becoming dependent on specific applications or file systems which typically “lock-in” users with a specific vendor which can be a long-term and costly situation.


The MSM simply attaches between an Ethernet port and the SCSI port of an optical library without additional hardware or software, users can begin archiving and retrieving files from the library as they would with any other network storage device. The MSM enables optical libraries to be remotely located; they are no longer required to reside next to a dedicated server due to SCSI bus limitations this frees up valuable floor space in the data center.


Because data storage performance is usually mission critical, the MSM architecture supports a configurable cache that permits reading and writing operations to be performed quickly and securely, even when the optical media is not physically present in one of the library’s drives. The MSM Cache ensures the integrity and security of writing and reading operations, and writes to media using on a First-in, First-out principle.

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