Product Overview


StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance

The StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance (FSA is a headless server system with an array of Compact Flash adapters that can be connected via iSCSI to any Windows 7 Pro, Windows 2003 or Windows 2007 server.

This product presents sixteen unique and persistent removable drives to the host system.

Each compact flash card is accessible from the front of the system and can be easily serviced as they are housed in brackets.






Each model includes the StorageQuest Archive Manager (OVM) software.  The SAM Software displays the contents of all disc in a virtual drive letter.  Files and folders can be written to the Storage Publisher simply by dragging and dropping to the virtual drive.   The SAM software and FSA hardware allow for archiving to up to sixteen compact flash chips in parallel.




Network Connectivity (iSCSI)

The StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance connects to the host computer over the Network via the iSCSI protocol.  This greatly simplifies the installation into existing network as it reduces the need for specialized host bus adapters, terminators and length restricted external cables.

The sophisticated Optical Library visualization system (Patent Pending) presents sixteen (16) Removable Hard Disk device.   This allows for simultaneous reading/writing to up to sixteen flash chips in parallel.











LCD + Keypad Management Interface

The LCD + Keypad Management interface allows the administrator to configure the Network settings, perform administrative tasks and also see informational messages such as 'Please Insert Media Into Drive X'


High Availability Features

The StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance was designed to be installed in demanding enterprise environments where downtime must be keep to a minimal.

  • No impact drive failures - If a flash chip fails in the field, the Storage Publisher continues to operate and all other flash chips are still accessible

Varying drive sizes

Current Compact Flash chips are avaliable in sizes as small as 1GB and as large as 256GB.



Warranty, Support and Onsite Service

The StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance come standard with 1 year return to depot warranty, telephone support from our in-house storage experts, and 5x9xNBD onsite hardware service.  Extended support options are available on request.

StorageQuest Archive Manager Front-End Software

The StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance comes with the StorageQuest Archive Manager  (SAM) front end.

The StorageQuest Archive Manager  (SAM) is a storage device management application build using today’s leading development tools and technologies.   A newly created sophisticated Graphical User Interface (GUI) runs on top of a mature and widely deployed StorageQuest core Device Drivers and Robotic control modules to create a full fledged flexible, powerful, and automated optical archive manager.













The StorageQuest Archive Manager creates a virtual drive letter for each Storage Publisher connected. Virtual drive letters allow clients to ‘drag and drop’ important files and folders from local hard drive or network to the optical library. Applications can also access this drive letter as it appears to be a regular hard drive. Files and Folders are accessible immediately and flushed out to optical media in the background.

For more information on the OVM software, please see the dedicated OVM website.



Live Web Demonstration

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Downloads, Manuals and Documentation

Users Manual (coming soon)


Datasheet (coming soon)