Looking for the kinds of problems StorageQuest solves?

StorageQuest ONA

The StorageQuest ONA is an all-in-one archiving solution. It is comprised of an array of Blu-Ray optical drives managed by a Windows-based user interface.

StorageQuest Archive Manager (SAM)

The StorageQuest Archive Manager provides optical volume management and drive letter access to a variety of Professional and Enterprise optical libraries.

StorageQuest Export Towers

The StorageQuest line of export towers are intended to be used as companions with products like our SAMServer or with another optical library. The devices use only the highest-quality internal components specially selected by StorageQuest’s engineers. As with all of our products, reliability is of utmost concern.


Rook Archive is a completely re-envisioned archiving solution for camera data for Milestone XProtect. Bookmarks, Evidence Lock, or all video sequences.

SegStor for Milestone XProtect Smart Client

SegStor is a Milestone XProtect Smart Client plug in which enables a user to perform bulk exports of many bookmarks for many cameras with a single action.

StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance

The StorageQuest Flash Storage Appliance (FSA is a headless server system with an array of Compact Flash adapters that can be connected via iSCSI to any Windows 7 Pro, Windows 2003 or Windows 2007 server.