StorageQuest®, Inc. has been the leader in unifying optical storage and archiving solutions for today's data-intensive enterprise through industry standards and network connection. Since its inception in 1998, StorageQuest has continued to pioneer technology, product, and open solutions that continue to drive the evolution of network-attached optical storage. StorageQuest storage solutions include; network attached appliances, storage management software, integrations, all of which serve to provide seamless storage management.

Major optical technology, product and solution providers utilize StorageQuest global data management solutions providing network attached open systems technology that is completely transparent to operating systems, applications, media and vendor storage devices. Using StorageQuest technology significantly reduces the cost of ownership, and integrates islands of storage resources into a single virtual storage resource.

StorageQuest technology is based on its "Any-to-Any Architecture®", a storage architecture that allows any client to access any removable storage resource regardless of media type, vendor or operating system platform. Open systems standards such as CIFS, UDF, NFS and Linux are at the heart of our Any-to-Any Architecture®.