Mail-In-Rebate for Reflector Server Software

OTTAWA, Canada – September 1, 2007    StorageQuest, Inc. is pleased to announce

a mail-in-rebate program for the popular Reflector® Network Backup and Archiving Manager software family.

The Reflector software package allows users to write large quantities of data automatically spanning across multiple

CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. The discs are automatically recorded and feature uniquely printed labels using a robotic

disc publisher system from Rimage or Primera.  Hundreds of gigabytes of data can be easily transferred offline

to optical discs enabling this high-volume data publishing and archiving solution.  A built-in database of all

files written with Reflector is readily searchable to locate files that have been previously recorded. These features

help make Reflector a cost-efficient and powerful workgroup backup solution.

Customers who purchase qualifying versions of Reflector Server Edition (SQSR002, SQSR003, SQSP001, SQSP002) for Rimage

or Primera can receive a US $100 rebate by mailing in the coupon and supporting proof of purchase.  The mail in

rebate is available between September 1st and October 31st, 2007.  All submissions must be received by

StorageQuest by November 10th, 2007.  Customers who purchase Reflector but do not have the Mail-In-Rebate

form may obtain one from the StorageQuest website.


About StorageQuest Reflector

StorageQuest Reflector Server Edition for Windows is priced starting at 795.00 (MSRP), and includes 90 days of phone

support and one year of web support and upgrades. Visit

for more information and to download a free 14-day trial.

About StorageQuest

Since its inception in 1998, StorageQuest has pioneered software technology, product and open solutions that continue

to drive the evolution of optical storage. StorageQuest storage solutions include network attached appliances,

storage management software backup/archive applications and services providing seamless storage management for open

network environments.  StorageQuest, Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario,

Canada. or

[email protected]

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