Blu-Ray 100GB Drive and Media Avaliability

June 16th, 2011 – Brendan Lelieveld-Amiro

There has been a lot of talk about 100GB Blu-Ray lately.   This is based on recent discussions with Partners as well as internet research.    It seems the specification for 100 and 128GB Blu-Ray media has been released and manufactures are starting to release product.   100 and 128GB Blu-Ray is being called BD-XL.  The new higher capacity is a result of increasing the per layer capacity from 25GB to 33.4GB.  This is achieved with a technology called i-MLSE (Maximum likelihood Sequence Estimation).  100GB media is comprised of 3x 33.4GB layers.

100GB Blu-Ray Optical Drive

The first publicly available 100GB compatible Blu-Ray writer drive is the Pioneer BDXL bdr-206mbk.  This drive is able to write to 100GB media.  The drive is supposed to be able to read 128GB media once available.  This drive is available from many online retailers at a cost of approximately $200 USD.  The drive will be able to read the 128GB once available.

100GB Blu-Ray Optical Media

Sharp and TDK are currently shipping 100GB Media.  List prices for this media is roughly $75 per disc.  This price is expected to drop considerably as quantities and availability increases.    Other media manufactures (such as Panasonic) are also expected to release 100GB media in the near future.