Milestone Integration

Automated Long-Term Video Archive with Milestone XProtect Corporate

A new digital video surveillance system with integrated archiving to optical storage created through a collaboration between StorageQuest Inc. and Milestone Solutions.

The StorageQuest Optical Volume Manager (OVM) is the certified long-term archive add-on application for the Milestone XProtect Corporate Video Surveillance application.

Using the built-in Milestone XProtect Corporate Archiving features, users can configure archiving policy’s (how often, size threshold, etc..) to archive from the primary (typically RAID) storage to industry-standard, long-term, compliant optical media.   The SQ OVM application writes video archive data in the background to optical media though robotic optical libraries (See supported hardware platforms below).  Video Footage is automatically spanned over as many discs as necessary without any user intervention.


The Milestone Smart Client is able to automatically pull the data from the configured archive location for seamless playback of archived video data.

Targeted Milestone Video Footage may also be written to unique Blu-Ray volumes using the Milestone Export feature.



For more information on the solution or to schedule a live web demonstration, please contact us.

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